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ionic foot detox machine what is it?

ionic foot detox machine what is it?

ionic foot detox machine

ionic foot detox machine feet in water Analyser-Ionic Detox Foot Bath Water Analyzed: Iron The water analysis shows that the iron definitely increased in all cases when the ionic foot detox machine was operated with or without feet in the water. So the presence of iron is not an indication of the ionic foot detox machine interacting with the person. We have to look at the other substances in the water to recognize the effectiveness of this process.Ionic Detox Foot Bath Water Analyzed: Ammonia The water analysis shows that the very small amount of ammonia in the tap water decreased when there were no feet in the water as the number in the pink went down to 0.00. However, when feet were in the water, the ammonia levels went up significantly in all cases. The ammonia went from 0.2 in the orange to as high as 2.59 with feet in the water. Where would the ammonia come from? Ammonia is a waste product produced when your body breaks down protein. Like many other waste products in your body, ammonia can be poisonous to your cells. The only way for ammonia to get into the detox water is for it to have come from the person who had their feet in the water.

Knowing that this process can assist with removing ammonia from the water can be extremely helpful for people with liver problems that can cause ammonia levels to get dangerously high.
Ionic Detox Foot Bath Water Analyzed: Nitrates

The water analysis shows that the nitrates also decreased when the ionic foot detox machine was ran without feet in the water but increased drastically from 0.5 to as high as 12.0 when there were feet in the water. Where would the nitrates come from? Your body makes about 62 mg of nitrate each day. Eating foods with too many nitrates can pose a problem as the nitrates will be converted to nitrites which can cause cancer.

Knowing that the detox process can assist with removing nitrates preventing the formation of nitrites can be extremely helpful.
Ionic Detox Foot Bath Water Analyzed: Phosphates

The water analysis shows that phosphates also decreased when the ionic foot detox machine was ran without feet in the water but increased only some time. Extra phosphate is filtered by the kidneys and passes out of the body in the urine. Extra phosphates that had not been filtered by the kidney would show up in the water. If there were no extra phosphates, then there would not be any to pass into the detox water.

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How ionic foot detox machine work?

How An ionic foot detox machine Works-To know how ions affect the body, it is important to know what they are. Ions are simple atoms which have become charged through the balance of the particles within them, namely protons and electrons.

Protons are positively charged particles of an atom’s nucleus; electrons are small, negatively charged particles surrounding the nucleus. The dance between these two charged particles determines the atom’s overall charge. An atom is considered negatively charged if it contains more electrons than protons. An atom is considered positively charged if it contains less electrons than protons.

The human body is an electric system, and collects charged particles from the environment around it. In the body, positive ions can be considered bad; negative ions are good. Environmental toxins from the air we breathe and the overly processed foods we eat have a positive charge. These positively charged toxins can cling to the extra electrons in the body, causing a buildup of toxins, which is associated with both common ailments and chronic disorders.

An ion detox using an ionic foot bath introduces a great number of negatively charged ions into the body through the skin by way of a warm foot soak. The warm water increases the absorption rate of these ions. When the negatively charged ions enter the body, they attract the positively charged toxins. As the two ions meet, they neutralize each other, and are able to be easily excreted from the system through urination and the sweat glands.

With any ionic detox, it is important that the body has sufficient water for excreting these waste particles. Should the body be insufficiently hydrated, the toxins may remain in the sweat glands or simply travel to another part of the body.

ionic foot detox machine

Why ionic foot detox machine?

Why do We need to detox?-The detox foot spa can improve the following symptoms.

1. Increase the static energy of the body.
2. Activate the cells and adjust the vegetative nerve.
3. Boost the metabolism and enhance the immunity.
4. Purify the blood and prevent the arteriosclerosis.
5. Stimulate the Digestive system.
6. Reduce the burden on the liver .
7. Boost the intestines and stomach function.
8. Get rid of aches and increase wound healing.
9. Physical therapy massage.

The detox foot spa prohibitions

Please don’t use the detox foot spa if the below.
1) pacemaker or other magnetic devices.
3) medicine for heart disease

The detox foot spa course suggestion:

1) Children over 3 should only use with adult supervision,aprox 30 mins or less
2) Adults One daily treatment for 14 days, and repeat after 3 weeks.

Colors and Objects in the Water:

Many colors and objects appear in the water during an ionic cleanse session.
For mostly people, the water color will be changed into brown or darken except few people who have numerous toxins from the body.

It is important to understand that the water will change color even if the unit is operating without feet in the water.

In fact, the darken color (including the “rust” smell) is not all your toxins from your body. It’s the result of the reaction between all of the variables in the water (the toxins, particles in the water, the salt added to the water) and the metals in the array and the acidity or alkalinity of the person being bathed.

The toxins in our bodies will look the same as the toxins predominant in a specific area; however, there will be more toxic particles in the water with feet in it. You will also find that water-based toxins will not stick to the side of the bucket and array and is easily rinsed off, whereas substances pulled from the body will form a sticky ring that must be removed with the mixture of vinegar and water.

We hope you can make your purchase decision after you think over it:
The detoxification work is not so obvious for every person and it is a long term work

ionic foot detox machine

Who need the ionic foot detox machine?

Who will benefit?-Most people experience an increased sense of well being, more energy and greater mental clarity after completing the ion energizer program. Physical activity can be raised in older people.

How to read the ionic foot detox machine water color chart?

What Do the Colors from the Foot Bath Detox Mean?

So what does it mean? One of the goals of a foot bath detox is to force impurities, toxins and heavy metals out of the body, so it is only natural that the water might take on a rust-colored appearance, but this is not necessarily what is responsible for the color change. Optimum has performed control tests that reveal that heavy metals are present in the water after a 35 minute ionic foot bath detox proving that toxins do come out of the body that were not present in the footbath water before the treatment. However oxidation is largely responsible for the rustic color change.

It has been stated by various companies that the water colors relate to different organ cellular waste and other body parts. Optimum does not support this analysis of water. There is no scientific data supporting this analysis & some colors can appear without a body. Not all impurities can be seen with the naked eye just as you cannot see the impurities in water. In order to prove that this process does pull out impurities, Optimum has preformed control tests (click here for test results) showing that heavy metals exist in the water after the 35 minute bath & also encapsulated on the water modules’ rings. When water samples are tested by labs we need to specify what to test for & since the range of impurities a body may contain are too many to specify, they decided to focus on heavy metals. At minimum this proved that particles are moving out of the body.

With different water conditions your OPTIMUM unit will not necessarily cause color changes in the water; however, the very process of electrolysis of the water causes color changes in the water.. this is called oxidation (which is mainly the orange color, not joints as what is stated in the color charts). The interaction of the OPTIMUM water module with the City added chemicals can cause quite a discoloration in the water. It must neutralize those chemicals and energize the water. Some sediment is seen depending upon the amounts of solids that are inherent in water to begin with. The final result has to do with the health of the person being treated. This will then determine the water color change.

ionic foot detox machine

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