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side effects of ionic foot

side effects of ionic foot detox

Know that there are some side effects to an ion detox. It's similar to what happens with deep-tissue massage–the toxins are flushed out and affect your system.Expect to get a headache after your first ion body detoxification. You may also feel a little lightheaded or dizzy.Drink plenty of water before and after the ion body detox session. Aim for at least 100 oz., or 12 cups, of water every day.Try to get into the habit of drinking as much water as possible everyday. Because it's recommended that you have up to 6 ion body detox sessions, you want to avoid the side effects throughout the process.Add some minerals to your food. Make sure to eat nutritiously. This will help your body cope with the ion detox process.Detox at least twice a year if you are relatively healthy and don't have any serious diseases. This is the standard recommendation.

The most obvious concern would be electrocution, but i've never heard of one single incident of that happening. The way I understand it, the coil arrays in the water are DC current which won't electrocute you. There is a significant hazard you need to be aware of though, that for some strange reason they don't warn you about. I used mine for a month before i came across some comments in forums that they create hydrogen & chlorine gas. Both can be hazardous to your health, but chlorine especially since it is a poisonous gas that was used in World War I to kill people. Now there are multiple ways to create chlorine gas, & I'm sure this isn't the same type that was used in World War I, but it still should be taken serious. It can be especially hazardous for your pets since chlorine gas is heavier than air & will concentrate on the floor. I'm no chemist but someone said that this gas will combine with water in the upper respiratory track & create hydrochloric acid. That sounds like it should be taken very serious especially around pets.

From now on, I'm using mine outside & I'm sitting upwind. A little inconvenient, but I'm not taking any chances. I also remember one time that I thought I was smelling a strange chemical all over town. Well in retrospect, I now think that what I was smelling was the residue of chlorine gas in my nostrils. Once I learned all this, I immediately sent out a notice to everyone on my contact list. I even contacted the FDA & the veterinary association, but they seem to be apathetic. Considering how our gov operates, they probably think it's funny that people are doing more harm than good to themselves without even realizing it. By the way, this argument that it is a scam I don't buy either. You can put a brand new coil in the water that hasn't had a chance to rust & as soon as you put your feet into it, the water starts turning color. Laboratory analysis of the water also indicate that it pulls Iron, Ammonia, Nitrates, & Phosphates out of your body. Only iron could come from the coils. Last warning that i might as well throw in here is somewhat related. Never combine ammonia & bleach while cleaning the house. That creates a poisonous chlorine gas as well. I mean really poisonous.

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